How to Find Assisted Living in Denver

Assisted Living Residence or Assisted Living Facilities (AFL) has ever-increasing demand these days. Assisted living should not be mixed with nursing, as both are different terms. Here we specifically talk about the various Assisted Living Denver options, which are serving the people of Denver in great manners now days.

Assisted Living v/s Nursing

Assisted Living Facilities are community places for people who are either disabled or adults who can’t live independently and need help in day-to-day chores. Assistance is provided at Assisted Living Facilities for meals, medications, transportation. Patients with memory problems are given special extra care.

They are specifically for seniors who don’t need extensive medical care but still staff is available 24 hours to aid them in daily tasks. The seniors (or disabled) live in private apartments, which provide them complete freedom to do anything they want, though, with the assistance of the staff.

Nursing Homes, on the other hand, are specifically for patients who need high medical care 24 hours. They are either people who had severe accidents or have some condition that needs long-term care. The staff is available 24 hours for the medical care and assistance of the patients, but the staff is officially licensed from the medical sector.

Mostly, the residents have to share rooms and are served meals in a community dining complex (unless they can’t lift themselves from bed).

Assisted Living Facilities in Denver

A number of Assisted Living Facilities in Denver are available for the disabled ones or the senior ones. You just need to figure out the right place with the right cost (so that you can easily afford the ALF). Given below is a list of Assisted Living Facilities in Denver:

            1. Applewood Our House

They provide care for seniors as well patients with Alzheimer. They have special medical practice techniques which they apply on their memory-loss patients in order to give their memory a boost. Services provided are:

  • Shared & Private Rooms Available
  • 24/7 Availability of Trained Staff
  • Proper Maintenance
  • Nutritious and Balanced Meals, 3 times a day
  • Personal Laundry Services
  • Healthy Activity Programs for Seniors
  • Care for Memory-loss patients
  • Frequent Supervision
  • Medication Care

            2. Stacy Helping Hand, Inc

They are not actually an Assisted Living Facility but provide help in finding the Assisted Living Denver Colorado for your senior. They claim to have tested and toured all of the facilities available in the area.

            3. Springbrooke Retirement

Providing a resort-style assisted living, the Springbrooke are one of the Best Assisted Living Facilities in Denver Colorado. Their community is designed to have 15 private (and secured) suites. They also take adults of ages 62 years.

            4. Kavod Senior Life

Kavod Senior Life, located at Cherry Creek, takes only adults who are above 62 years of age. Located in a prime location, they have theatres, supermarkets, restaurants at walking distances.